Islamic Wall Art Gift Ideas

Islamic Wall Art Gift Ideas

Islamic wall art is the perfect addition to any faithful home, bringing life and vibrancy to the space while honoring the tenets of the Holy Quran. And, Islamic decor is especially attractive, with motifs that include intricate arabesques, Kufic calligraphy, and illuminated text.

But, with a rich and vibrant history, there can be a lot to choose from while shopping.

Don't get overwhelmed. Instead, use this article as your guide for guaranteed success.

We'll cover Ramadan decor, classic color combinations like black and gold, and a variety of patterns. Plus, awesome wall art ideas that your loved ones are sure to cherish for years to come.

99 Names of Allah

According to the Prophet Muhammad, Allah has 99 names, each of which describing one of his divine attributes.

In traditional Islamic art, this concept is illustrated, using stylized calligraphy and patterns such as mandalas and mosaics. Most pieces are centered with the phrase - Al Asma Ul Husna ayah, and "he is Allah".

Today, the design is represented in a wide variety of styles suitable for the modern home, from oversized prints to clocks, and more.

Classic Black and Gold

According to the Quran, the Prophet Muhammad loves beauty but frowns on extravagence. So, it's important to shop for gifts that are generous, yet not excessive.

Islamic wall art in gold and black

Enter the royal color combination of black and gold.

This design honors the prophet's wishes, with simple designs emboldened by a metallic glint. Making a regal and elegant impression, this color combination can add a touch of sophistication to any space, no matter what size or pattern you select.

Ancient Calligraphy

Kufic script is among the oldest forms of Arabic calligraphy, dating back to bettween the 7th and 10th centuries. It has taken many different forms over the millennia, from being used in hand-written copies of the Quran to lining mesmerizing minarets.

Modern Islamic artists also love to feature Kufic motifs in their work thanks to its bold geometric look that pairs perfectly with contemporary decor.

If you're looking to buy wall art for the modern Muslim, this might be your best bet.

Ramadan Decor

Many Islamic families decorate for the holy month of Ramadan, using small pieces of art or decor around their homes to make the season feel special.

Small acrylic blocks and prism art are perfect for this application, packing away easily during the rest of the year. And, they come in a wide variety of styles featuring everything from photos of holy Islamic sites to sophisticated calligraphy, Kufic text, and more.

These smaller sized items also make excellent budget-friendly gifts to thank Ramadan Suhur and Iftar hosts.

Artistic Arabesques

Islam forbids attempts at recreating nature in art, and arabesques allow for highly decorative patterns that don't violate this essential tenet.

They layer curving lines with intertwined elements, sometimes reminiscent of vines, to form a decorative piece of art that is both abstract and elegant. Traditionally, decorative arabesques have been used to decorate mosques and other religious buildings, graced the covers of many copies of the Quran, and used in ceramic tiles, glassware, and as borders on framed pieces of art.

Arabesque wall art often showcases quotes from the Prophet Muhammed. But, it is sometimes used all on its own, for a more secular presentation.

Whimsical Watercolors

Are you shopping for someone who prefers a feminine touch, or who doesn't tend to decorate with bold themes and designs? If so, the subtle and understated look of watercolor art might suit them perfectly.

Islamic watercolor wall art

Islamic watercolor wall art often features light pastel shades and relaxing patterns like mosaics and mandalas, as well as text from the holy Quran or quotes by the Prophet Muhammed. It may also use abstract versions of themes from nature, like sunrises and sunsets, rolling sand dunes, or the sea.

Watercolor art also makes a lovely addition to nurseries and children's rooms, where a lighter look and feel is best for hung art.

Traditional Islamic Patterns

If you're shopping for someone that you don't know very well, or a homeowner who prefers very basic decor, you might feel lost as to what they might like. And, that can feel stressful, especially if you're giving an important gift.

Relax. There are plenty of traditional Islamic patterns to choose from, available in classic shades like blue and black on a neutral background of beige or white.

These neutral yet eye-catching wall hangings can blend with any home's decorations, from classic to contemporary. And, they'll suit a variety of spaces around the house.

We promise you can't go wrong with these, no matter how picky the person you're shopping for is!

Shopping for Islamic Wall Art

Now that you know a bit more about shopping for Islamic wall art, you're ready to browse our catalog and make some selections. And, your gift's recipient is sure to love your selections!

Just remember that it's absolutely essential that your gift will fit in with the rest of the recipient's decor, so do a bit of homework about their personal taste and design preferences before buying. Or, opt for a classic and medium-sized piece in neutral colors that could work in any space.

You'll also want to remember that some artistic themes, like animals, and the human body, are prohibited in Islam. These are considered haram, and are never make appropriate gifts.

For more information on Islamic wall art, and how to shop for it, visit our blog.